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What if Daud had a son or daughter?

I would like the idea that Daud would have a son or daughter, now that daud is dead she/he could replace him as the knife of dunwall. And it sort of fits in the story that daud and billy lurk would have an relationship because daud spared her in the knife of dunwall DLC. Because he loved her and she might have been pregnant from him.

Give youre opinion in the comments.
Maybe this is an idea for an new dlc or dishonored 3?
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Is there a connection between Elder Scrolls and Dishonored?

So both the Elder Scrolls franchise and the Dishonored franchise were created by Bethesda Studios so my question is simply this does anyone besides myself believe that both Dishonored and Elder Scrolls take place on the planet of Nirn?
And if you believe they do do you think that they take place in different time periods or simply on different continents?
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Dishonored RPG game

what i want: an open world RPG set in dishonored universe.

pick your origin story: nobility, common, witch, gang member, heretic, overseer.

design your look. pick your class. pick your chaos alignment. pick your powers (if you choose to be marked ofc).

you’d have various side quests and a few main story line quests, maybe some assassinations to do. maybe not. maybe you just get to hang out with the outsider and the void whale.

you can ignore quests altogether and just set off exploring the isles + pandyssia, collectingk runes and bonecharms along the way.

that’s a game i’d lose myself in for years. Wouldn't you think?
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Mysteries in the Grand Palace

Theres a dead maid in the little maza and also a dead lady in the water, anyone knows how they happened?
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Low chaos on hard mode

If you need help sneaking around message me and ill help you
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Best powers

So each character with the Outsider’s mark has powers that represent their personality. Between Daud, Corvo, and Emily, who’s powers are your your favorite to use.
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Favorite game

What is your favorite game in the Dishonored series? It can be Dishonored 1, Dishonored 2, or any of the dlc’s. My personal favorite game is the original, but let me know your thoughts.
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Corvo’s mask

So I noticed that there are differences between Corvo’s mask in the first and second Dishonored game. Not just in color, from black and gold, to gray and red, but in shape and texture too. Corvo’s original mask was scarier and more rugged. Corvo’s second mask was much nicer. So with so many differences, is that a simple design choice, or is it a different mask? If you compare the two, they are very different, and though Corvo has many skills, metalwork is not one of them. So what happened? Did Corvo’ original mask get damaged or destroyed? Did Sokolov or Pierio make him a new one? If so, why? I’m writing a fan fiction about it, but feel free to comment about it. You might have noticed it to.
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Arkane and Bethesda putting the series on hold for now

The article is below:
Bethesda and Arkane Studios put Dishonored franchise on hiatus
Bethesda and Arkane Studios put Dishonored franchise on hiatus TechSpot
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Corvo’s Powers

So i just started my Corvo playthrough and i was wondering about which power i should get next? I already have blink and i already upgraded blink so that you can knock back people right after you blink.
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Game Replay

Hey, is there a way to replay old levels with the powers unlocked that I had in the last level of the game? The only way I can replay is with the same powers I had when I played the level the first time. I am specifically asking about Dishonored 1 and its DLC. Thanks!
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What power should i get next? Domino or Doppelgänger?
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Clockwork Mansion

I am stuck at the second part of the Clockwork Mansion when you need to eliminate Jindosh and i walk into the mansion and i have three clockwork soldiers. Two of them have two swords and the other one has four. There is also the electric wall that i can’t get through. Any ideas about how i should approach this?
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Common abilities between the Marked

I'm now developing my character in Dishonored universe, and he's a natural philosopher and artist with a mark, so things like summoning animals/bloodbriars and crafting gravehounds(and grave...people(?) in the future, because of studying medicine) + making people from paintings alive fits him very well. He's also a bit mad, so he talks with an imaginary crowd; it explains why he can have Multiple Doppelgangers ability. I'm only concerned with the fact that Delilah does already have all of this powers. Of course, there are some variations between my character's and her abilities, but I wanted to know your opinion. Don't you think that her powers are too "personal" to give them to other characters? Or maybe it's okay since Daud has three of Corvo's powers, the same thing for Granny Rags, and all of Corvo's powers aren't unique?
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Audiographs' files

Does anyone know where are the Dishonored 2 audiographs' files? I want the spanish version and I was looking through the .pck files, but all I find were voice lines. Any idea how to get them?
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Something I've always wondered.....

So, while not everyone marked by the outsider has the same powers, bend time isn't unique to one individual, and we find out in the fight with daud that bend time doesn't work on other marked individuals (or at least ones who share the ability) so knowing this, could marked individuals mess with each other? Imagine daud is having a conversation with one of his whalers, meanwhile, corvo is in dunwall tower killing burrows, and he uses fully upgraded bend time, and over in the flooded district suddenly everyone around daud freezes and he angrily thinks to himself "who the hell keeps doing that"
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Corvo v Emily

rules are:
1. both fully upgraded
2. both have most amount of bullets and arrows etc
3. they have all their powers (fully upgraded)
Who do you think would win
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Dishonored 2: Character's age

I was thinking about how some characters' aged in Dishonored 2 and then I looked at Luca's article to know how old he is, but there's no information about that. In fact, there's no information about Dishonored 2 exclusive characters' age. So how old do you think Luca, Jindosh, Breanna, Paolo and the others are?
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Anyone know who Luther is?

In the games code, for the story flags (the game uses these to keep track of what things you've done) there is a mention of "Pub01a_LutherDuped". While the only mention of a Luther I could find on the wiki was in

The "Pub" part probably doesn't mean the Hounds Pits, but rather "Public" as there's other flags with "Pub" at the start of their name that are not in the Hounds Pits.

Might've been cut, or it's referring to a character we don't get the name of. Anyone have any idea of some character named Luther, or a character that we dupe in some way?
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