Luca Abele and his inner circle.

A Better Serkonos is an audiograph found in Dishonored 2, recorded by Duke Luca Abele.

A Better Serkonos


When I first met with my inner circle, I saw nervous faces. Even the boldest were afraid, wondering if we'd live to see another Feast. Now Serkonos is ascendant.

But this is a story that began long years before. I knew Delilah when I was only a boy. And even after she was lost, dead, and gone from the world, her memory burned in my mind. Until finally I began to hear her whispering, calling to me from the Void. Telling her story of growing up in Dunwall Tower, and the half-sister who cheated her of her throne.

Then she told me there was a way to bring her home.

Delilah. Beautiful, immortal.


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