Abandoned apartment outer1

Entrance to the abandoned apartment.

The Abandoned Apartment is a building located adjacent to the Hound Pits Pub.

Located in the Old Port District, the apartment is one of the many buildings in the area that was evacuated due to the plague. There are two known entrances - one at the top of a broken set of stairs, and the other near the Old Dunwall Sewers. Cecelia uses the apartment occasionally, though no one else seems to take notice of the vacant building. Various items can be found inside the former residence, including a bone charm.

Initially, the door to the apartment is locked, but upon speaking to Cecelia after the mission The Royal Physician, she will offer to let Corvo use the apartment if there is ever any trouble and points him toward the key, which is hidden underneath her bunk. If Corvo misses this opportunity, he will still have to enter the apartment at the beginning of the mission The Loyalists after escaping the Flooded District.


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