"[I]f anything happens to Jindosh, we'll all face a firing squad at the Grand Palace."
—Binoche's threat to his men[1]

Major Allain Binoche is an unseen character and member of the Grand Serkonan Guard in Dishonored 2.

Binoche is assigned to guard the Clockwork Mansion in Upper Aventa. One specific area under his purview is the combination to the railway gate linking Upper Aventa to the Clockwork Mansion. He personally changes the code on a regular basis, and ensures that all members of the Grand Guard stationed in the area memorize it. Being security-conscious, he instructs the guardsmen to destroy the codes once they have memorized them.[2]

Binoche has little tolerance for those who disobey his orders, particularly in relation to the codes. It is not uncommon for him to threaten those below him with expulsion or even death.[1]


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