Anonymous Letter is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


Miss Fenella Reid,
Are you really going to keep living in a ruin, with your leg still broken, out of misguided loyalty to your boss? He's dead, and he was an asshole, everybody knows that.

I don't give your building three days before it falls to the ground. By that time, you could be sailing to Driscol, on the ship I told you about. The Captain will grant you passage for free if I give him the word. They're leaving this afternoon. All you have to do is pass by that little courtyard behind the Dunwall Courier, and do as I told you. Nobody will know.

Go back to your family, leave Dunwall and forget about the Boyle Company. This is your last chance.

A friend.


The note can be found during the mission Death to the Empress, inside a ruined house near Dunwall Tower.

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