Anton Sokolov's Abduction

Anton Sokolov's Abduction is an audiograph found in Dishonored 2, recorded by Anton Sokolov.

Anton Sokolov's Abduction


Anton Sokolov
Dearest Emily, or must I say Your Imperial Majesty? I have something that you and Corvo must hear at the first opportunity. It concerns the murders happening across the empire, committed by this so-called Crown Killer.

When I left Gristol years ago, I swore I'd never again take part in any further political matters. I've done my share of bad things, and some good, before and after the Rat Plague. But here in Karnaca, I've uncovered a terrible conspiracy against you. Here, at the bottom of the empire, the cobblestones smell of death and corruption.

I'm staying with associate, Meagan Foster, aboard her vessel, the Dreadful Wale. We'll leave for Dunwall in the morning, as soon as the tides are willing.

I keep thinking of way sweet Jessamine was stolen from you and your father, and I fear it might be your turn to face such turmoil. I know Corvo would protect you with his life, but please do not trust anyone -

Crown Killer
There you are, old man. I was asked to pay you a visit.

Anton Sokolov
Wait! What's wrong with you?


Crown Killer
Off we go, Sokolov, to somewhere more private.


The audiograph can be found aboard the Dreadful Wale in Sokolov's room after the mission A Long Day in Dunwall.

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