Apartment Seizure is title of two different written notes found in Dishonored 2.

Note One


Mr. Marletto
On the authority of Duke Luca Abele:
Due to an urgent security matter regarding buildings with balconies overlooking Ravina Boulevard and the newly installed Wall of Light you are hereby required to grant us access to your apartment indefinitely. We ask that you keep a spare key at your shop so that Grand Guard personnel have access to your apartment at all times.
This action is necessary to prevent miscreants from bypassing the Wall of Light checkpoint. As Director of Winslow Safes, you will certainly understand our security concerns, and we trust there will be no questions or delay.
P. Colegut, Fourth Captain
Grand Serkonan Guard


The note can be found on the front door of Carlos Marletto's apartment near the wall of light of the Palace District during the mission The Grand Palace. Another copy can be found in the Winslow Safe Company store in the same district.

Note Two


By Ducal Decree, No. 1572, stipulating the confiscation of all possessions in cases of death under criminal circumstances, these rooms belonging to the late Lucia Pastor are henceforth the property of the Isle of Serkonos.

The apartment and all within, including but not limited to furnishings, draperies, clothing, jewels, silver, books, and other personal effects, will be expropriated by the Grand Serkonan Guard. No trespassing, loitering, or soliciting.

M. Siggard, Fifth Commander

Grand Serkonan Guard
Palace Civic Patrol


This note can be found on the front door of Lucia Pastor's apartment in the Palace District during the mission The Grand Palace, and only if she was killed during either Dust District or A Crack in the Slab.

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