Arc pylon render

Arc pylons are a lethal defense technology utilized by various authorities around the Empire of the Isles. They work similarly to walls of light, but are effective at a distance, disintegrating anyone within range that they have not been configured to recognize. Corvo Attano, Daud and Emily Kaldwin can reconfigure arc pylons using a rewire tool, causing the security system to ignore them and turn against their enemies. Arc pylons are powered by whale oil, meaning these weapons can be disabled if Corvo pulls the whale oil tank out of the power module. In Dishonored 2, the arc pylons appear to be a newer model, but the change is only cosmetic and they function the same as those encountered during Dishonored.

Arc pylons were invented by Anton Sokolov in 1833 for the City Watch. In cooperation with Sokolov, Piero Joplin perfected his own version of the device, which can be used at a much greater range to kill or incapacitate enemies, though at the expense of using a lot more whale oil. This can be used to great effect during the mission The Loyalists to eliminate all of the City Watch guards in the mission area while remaining undetected, making the mission much easier to complete.


  • It is possible to completely avoid the bolt of energy released by the arc pylon if the power module can be reached quickly enough and the whale oil tank removed, as it takes a moment for the weapon to discharge its energy.
  • The arc pylon is officially known as the "Sokolov Radial Interdiction Device".[1]
  • If an enemy is between the protagonist and an arc pylon, the arc pylon will hit and kill the enemy instead of its intended target. It will promptly recharge and fire again afterwards.
  • The arc pylons in Dishonored 2 are created by Jindosh Clockworks.


Description Sound effect
Arc pylon zap
Arc pylon fire
Arc pylon recharging
Arc pylon buildup
Arc pylon engaging
Arc pylon engage
Arc pylon disengaging
Arc pylon disengage
Arc pylon static
Arc pylon static



  1. "The Sokolov Radial interdiction Device - or Arc Pylon - is for use only by personnel trained in proper imprinting procedure."

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