Back Home is an achievement/trophy in Dishonored.

How to Acquire

To acquire this achievement/trophy, Corvo Attano must throw a live grenade thrown by an enemy back at any enemy and kill him (i.e. throwing a grenade, picking it up while live, then throwing it at an enemy does not count). This can prove dangerous, as the explosion can easily kill Corvo. However, Bend Time can aid him in gaining this achievement. When a grenade is thrown at Corvo, slow time and grab the grenade - slowing time can allow for an extra few seconds to get the trajectory correct. Speed up time, and the grenade should explode near the enemy, killing him.

  • The key word here is 'throw'. If Corvo slows down time, picks up the grenade and places it next to the target, the achievement will not trigger.
  • Overseers tend to throw grenades, so they are a good target for this achievement. A good target is the lone Overseer Jasper who is taunting Teague Martin in the stocks near the beginning of the mission High Overseer Campbell.

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