Alexandria Hypatia.

Beloved Doctor Murdered is a newspaper article found in Dishonored 2.


News has just arrived that our beloved Dr. Alexandria Hypatia has been brutally murdered.

The Grand Palace issued this statement: "Doctor Hypatia, Director and Chief Alchemist at Addermire Institute, has been murdered by the Crown Killer. The Empire has suffered a terrible blow, and we call for a day of mourning. Dr. Hypatia was highly regarded for the treatment of miners' ailments, but is best known for her "Addermire Solution", an elixir that treats a variety of ills, including biliousness and bloodfly fever. Addermire Institute is now closed, and will remain so for the foreseeable future."


The newspaper article can be found on the first floor of the Grand Guard Office in the Upper Aventa District, during the mission The Clockwork Mansion, if Hypatia is killed in the previous mission. Otherwise, there will be an alternative article.

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