Benjamin Holger statue

Bust of Benjamin Holger.

Benjamin Holger is a historical figure in Dishonored, founder of the Abbey of the Everyman, former High Overseer and the leader of a crusade against worshipers of the Outsider in the region of Whitecliff.

There are many busts and statues of Holger found around Dunwall, and Holger Square is named after him. His ashes and epitaph are on display in the Office of the High Overseer. He appears to be the speaker of the Litany on the White Cliff, though not the scribe.


  • The bust in front of Thaddeus Campbell's secret chamber has a button on its eye. This could be a reference to Holger being stabbed through the eye with a knife during the Siege of White Cliff.
  • Overseers in Dunwall are known to wear a mask in the likeness of Benjamin Holger, with the enraged expression meant to symbolize how Holger looked in the Siege of Whitecliff.[citation needed]


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