The Big Lad 1

The Big Lad.

The Big Lad is a member of the Roaring Boys Gang introduced in the first issue of the Dishonored: The Wyrmwood Deceit.

He is equipped with the stilt-legs and wooden shields of a Tallboy and what appears to be a flamethrower. Proficient in the use of his specialized equipment, he is used for heavy security as well as defense of the operations of the Roaring Boys.

The Wyrmwood Deceit Issue 1

The Big Lad guards the dock used by the Roaring Boys in the Old Port District during their unloading of a contraband shipment. He is summoned by Sly Harold when Corvo Attano and other members of the City Watch show up to deal with the gang members.


  • Due to his importance in the defense of the Roaring Boys contraband operations, the Big Lad does not take part in the menial day-to-day operations of the gang.
  • Though possessing some of the equipment of the Tallboys, the Big Lad does not wear the heavy suit of armor the Tallboys had, nor does he wield a Compound Bow.
  • The Big Lad's real name is not revealed in the comics.