Samuel Golden Cat

Samuel maneuvers his boat through the waters of Dunwall.

Boats, presumably powered by whale oil, are a useful mode of travel for those going to and from Dunwall's districts.

Corvo Attano chiefly comes into contact with Samuel Beechworth's boat, the Amaranth. In Dishonored 2, Corvo and Emily Kaldwin use the Dreadful Wale's skiff as basic transport to most missions.


  • Oddly, the boats inside the Lifeboat Dock in Kingsparrow Fort also have "Amaranth" on their sides and carry welcome mats. This may have been an oversight on the developer's part or may mean Samuel's boat and the others are of the same brand.
  • Barnacles occasionally grow on these boats. Samuel can be heard making references to cleaning off the barnacles between missions, though is never seen doing this.


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