Bodyguard is a hidden achievement/trophy in Dishonored.

How to Acquire

This achievement can be obtained during the mission High Overseer Campbell. Corvo Attano must protect Captain Geoff Curnow from being murdered by Thaddeus Campbell as well as his numerous guards that will attempt to attack Curnow.

  • To save Curnow from Campbell using the most obvious method, Corvo must switch the wine glasses, so that Campbell drinks the poison instead of Captain Curnow. Afterward, Curnow will be chased by the High Overseer's guards, and Corvo must fend them off to save him.
    • Alternatively, deactivate the closest alarm, causing only one (or a few) Overseers to enter the meeting chambers when Curnow calls for help. If Corvo disables the guards on the stairs, Curnow will be able to escape easily.
    • Corvo can also render Curnow unconscious before he calls for help and carry him to the safe dumpster.
  • An alternative method is, rather than switching the glasses, break them. High Overseer Campbell, denied the chance to poison Curnow, will opt for "the hard way". He will lead Curnow out of his office (and away from attacking guards) and down two flights of stairs to his secret chambers. There he will invite Curnow to inspect a Sokolov painting (the same portrait Campbell was posing for in the opening scenes of the game), or make a comment about the missing painting if Corvo lifted it already. Curnow will step forward to look more closely and, while his back is turned, Campbell will draw his sword to attack. Take out Campbell at this point, and Curnow will walk away unharmed. Give him time to leave the area to acquire the trophy.
    • Alternatively, alert Curnow to the danger right before Campbell attacks, and Curnow will kill the High Overseer himself and thank Corvo for his help.

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