Brigmore Manor.

"And I thought the Flooded District was run down."

Brigmore Manor is a location in the Dishonored DLC, The Brigmore Witches. It is the setting of the DLC's final mission, Delilah's Masterwork, wherein Daud confronts Delilah Copperspoon and her Brigmore Witches.


In the old days, the Brigmores were a rich and powerful family, being one of the largest suppliers of timber in the Isles. However, much of their fortune and influence was lost during the whale oil boom, and the manor was abandoned. Afterwards it became a haven for smugglers, spies and other individuals looking for a place to hide. It served as the base of operations for Delilah and her coven between 1836 and 1837, which earned them the name of Brigmore Witches.

The estate and house were bought half a decade later by Slackjaw under his new identity to be renovated. Work began on the place by 1851 and was disrupted by the raid of the new Whalers on the manor's crypt.[1]

After losing their powers due to the sabotage of the Oraculum, several of the former Brigmore Witches joined the Eyeless. However, some of them thought about returning to Brigmore Manor.


The Brigmore estate is located in the Mutcherhaven District, beyond the city walls of Dunwall, near the Wrenhaven River.[2] The manor is old and dilapidated, the floors and walls riddled with holes leading to many treacherous drops. River krusts can be found growing in certain areas outside the manor. A solarium and a crypt are located to the west of the manor, the crypt leading to a secret entrance. A garden is situated behind the manor along with two storage sheds, and various statues of Delilah can be found around the property. The statues will alert the witches to any unwanted intruders. Many witches and gravehounds patrol the manor and its environs.

The first floor consists of a living room, a flooded area, and a portrait room. The floor is heavily guarded by many witches and gravehounds. The entrance leading to the portrait room is covered by various snares. It can only be accessed via an opening on the second floor. The room itself is lightly guarded by a few witches. 

The second floor contains a library and several rooms. It is guarded by several witches and a gravehound, and the library can only be accessed via an opening in the west wing. One of the rooms holds a tortured Overseer while another leads to the third floor.

The third floor is comprised of a room with many tripwires, but it is unguarded. The lantern required to access the Void in the portrait room is located here along with Delilah's journal.


  • The manor is the second farthest location outside Dunwall's city limits visited in Dishonored, the farthest being Kingsparrow Island.
  • One of Delilah's statues may be a nod to the Weeping Angel from the Doctor Who series. It is found in the Brigmore Crypt, appearing relatively innocuous with its hands covering its eyes, but changes instantaneously to a menacing pose after Daud picks up the bone charm in front of it.[3]



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