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The Brigmore Witches are a coven located in the city of Dunwall, taking up residence in the abandoned Brigmore Manor. While little is known about them, they are said to be powerful black magic practitioners who have at least some involvement with the Outsider.

They are hostile toward the Whalers, with their leader, Delilah Copperspoon, directing Overseers to attack their base and attempting to have Daud killed, and they are the main antagonists of Dishonored's final DLC, The Brigmore Witches.

Equipment and skillsEdit

Each witch receives her powers from Delilah; this sharing and bestowing of powers is similar to Daud and his assassins. Witches possess several supernatural abilities, such as Blink. They can perform a Windblast-like scream and fire several conjured projectiles. Master Witches are capable of summoning Blood Briars--tendrils that pull and ensnare Daud, causing significant damage.


  • When out of combat, the witches have a human-like skin color. However once a witch is in combat, her skin changes to a plant-like green. When the witch is defeated, her skin changes back to normal.
  • In Dishonored, they are mentioned in a note by Anton Sokolov about making statues of the witches for the Golden Cat.
  • In addition to serving Delilah, the Brigmore witches take a particular interest in Daud; Delilah claims in The Knife of Dunwall that she is sparing him for the "sake of [her] sisters," and two witches in the Brigmore Manor solarium can be heard claiming their sisters speak of him with awe, "like stupid school girls." 


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