Stilton Manor Past (13)

Pettywick's silvergraph studio.

Bruno Pettywick[1] is an unseen character and amateur silvergrapher in Dishonored 2. In 1849, he works as a servant as Stilton Manor.

He demonstrates considerable skill at the arrangement of objects within a silvergraph, as well as the process itself. Aramis Stilton provided a room of the manor to Pettywick to use as a studio, and Pettywick keeps objects such as boats, clocks and paintings to use as props in his silvergraphs.

Unfortunately for Pettywick, he was not born to an aristocratic family, so he has been unable to find a gallery that will display his silvergraphs and not find them "boring". He states that if he could take a picture of an earl or marquis, his pictures would be accepted. Such rejections upset Pettywick, though he is thankful that Stilton appreciates his work.[2]

At one point, Pettywick attempted to use a wolfhound corpse in a silvergraph. When he returned to the manor, he noticed some swelling and thought that it was bloodfly larvae. Worried, he left the corpse to Jaime Carrera to dispose of, though was apologetic about that.[1]


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