Regular Bullets

Bullets (pistol bullets in Dishonored 2) are the standard type of ammunition for the pistol. They are made with a miniaturized whale oil tank capped with a metal tip. This metal tip is propelled forward by the detonation of the oil within the pistol chamber, giving it the velocity necessary to be used as a projectile weapon. An explosive variant can be obtained via blueprints given to Piero Joplin or black market shops.

Corvo Attano, Daud and Emily Kaldwin can initially only carry ten bullets each, but Corvo and Emily can upgrade this amount.

When fired, the explosion of the whale oil within the pistol gives off a loud noise, so this must be considered when attempting to do a stealth playthrough. Despite this, bullets can also prove as a distraction, through the firing of the projectiles at a solid object to lure guards towards the intended area.

Bullets are a lethal ammunition and should not be used on enemies if attempting a non-lethal playthrough.



Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Bullet Capacity 1 300 Coins N/A Allows Corvo to carry 10 more bullets (20 total).
Bullet Capacity 2 600 Coins Bullet Capacity 1 Allows Corvo to carry 10 more bullets (30 total).

Dishonored 2

Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Bullet Storage +5 350 Coins N/A Increases bullet storage capacity by 5.
Bullet Storage +5 450 Coins Bullet Storage +5 Further increases bullet storage capacity by 5.
Magnetized Bullet 350 Coins Pistol Bullet, Alloy Polarization Blueprint A magnetized bullet that briefly disrupts Clockwork Soldiers.
Armored Bullet 350 Coins Pistol Bullet, Slug Splintering Wedges Blueprint Ricochets off hard surfaces, including enemy armor.

Related Bone Charms

Dishonored, The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches

  • Scavenger - 50% chance to receive an additional bullet from ammo cases.

Dishonored 2

  • Duelist's Luck - Bullet packs have a slight chance of containing +1 pistol bullet.
  • Duelist's Skill - Your bullets inflict slightly more damage.


  • The detonation of the whale oil within the chamber apparently shatters the metal tip, as the standard bullet has a spread damage and effect similar to buckshot.
    • However, when using Bend Time, the expelled round is shown to be a single large slug.
  • All pistols found in Dishonored, whether they are mounted for display purposes or taken from enemies, yield a single bullet. In Dishonored 2, pistols also give a single bullet, but this is affected by the Duelist's Luck bone charm.
  • Despite the fact that the bullet cases appear to have at least three rounds in them, only two bullets are added to inventory for each case acquired, without the use of bone charms.


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