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This article is about the art dealer. You may be looking for the note.

"Ggngngngn! Oh, that's good, I deserved that one. Shall I tell you why?"
– Bunting

Bunting is an aristocrat and an art dealer involved in the mission House of Pleasure. He is located in the Silver Room of the Golden Cat pleasure house, and plays a part in an optional side mission.


When Corvo Attano enters the Silver Room, Bunting, blindfolded and strapped into an electric chair, assumes that Corvo is one of the Golden Cat's courtesans. As Corvo panders to his kinks and electrocutes him several times, Bunting divulges secrets about the Pendleton twins and their fortune. If electrocuted after saying the assigned safe word, he becomes furious. If he is electrocuted again, he realizes that Corvo is not his assigned courtesan, and asks what he wants. Bunting will then freely reveal the combination to his safe. Bunting's safe is in his house, which is located along John Clavering Boulevard in the Distillery District.

Choosing to shock him any further past this point (the machine will have two electric charges left) will make Bunting hysterical, revealing that he knows that the Brimsleys worship the Outsider, and that he once joined them for a ritual. Administering the final shock renders him unconscious, but does not kill him.


  • The combination to Bunting's safe can be 138, 656, 696, or 879.
    • A note from Slackjaw reveals that the Bottle Street Gang has been after the combination to Bunting's safe for some time. Members of the gang can be found in his house, attempting to break into the safe while he is away.
  • Bunting and Pratchett share the same character model.
  • In Bunting's safe, there is an invitation to Lady Boyle's party, which can be useful for Corvo during the quest Lady Boyle's Last Party.
    • If Corvo steals Bunting's invitation, the art dealer can be seen outside the main door, but will be unresponsive when activated. Curiously, he appears with a typical suit rather than with a costume, presumably to compensate for the loss of his invitation.
    •  The officer at the door will think Corvo is the real Bunting, and mention that there was someone attempting to impersonate him.


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