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The calendar.

The calendar year for the people of the Isles consists of thirteen months of 28 days each, in total 364 days, as well as an indeterminate period which follows it, named the Fugue Feast. A new year only begins once the astronomical clock is officially reset by the High Overseer of the Abbey of the Everyman.[1]

According to developer Harvey Smith, Dishonored was released with an error in the calendar. In the final version, The Month of Seeds and The Month of Harvest were inadvertently transposed.[2] The calendar was later corrected in the Dishonored art book Dishonored: The Dunwall Archives.

The months of the year in-game are as follows:

  1. The Month of Earth
  2. The Month of Seeds
  3. The Month of Nets
  4. The Month of Rain
  5. The Month of Wind
  6. The Month of Darkness
  7. The Month of High Cold
  8. The Month of Ice
  9. The Month of Hearths
  10. The Month of Harvest
  11. The Month of Timber
  12. The Month of Clans
  13. The Month of Songs


  • A poster advertising an event on "Saturday" at the Preston Club suggests that the Isles use the same days of the week as the Earth common calendar. However according to Harvey Smith, "[W]e wanted to avoid the calendar we use because it is based on historic earth mythology," giving "(Thor/Thursday)" as an example.[3]
  • A pre-release poster for the Greaves Lightning Oil company uses the month of August on its chart, instead of using this calendar.
  • Dishonored takes place in the Isles' common year 1837.[4]
  • The majority of the game is set in between the Months of High Cold and Hearths.[5]



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