Dunwall panorama sphere

Call to the Spheres, Vol 1 is a book found in Dishonored.


[Excerpt from a work of fiction, early chapters]

My stomach twisted as the engines of the old vessel roared louder. It was the creation of Orchado, Third Prefect from the Academy of Natural Philosophy. He was exhilarated, savoring each of the small craft's undulations. Orchado pulled a lever and a great gout of smoke surrounded us. The smell of burning whale oil grew unbearable as the machine propelled itself upward.

I was too afraid to look through the window, which suddenly didn't feel thick enough. As if knowing my thoughts, Overseer Bryn looked at me and smiled: "Recite some of the Litany, my pupil. It will protect your heart from the turpitude of the Void on our way to the Outer Spheres."


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