Callista and Emily during lessons.

Callista's Progress Report is an audiograph found in Dishonored, recorded by Callista Curnow.

Callista's Progress Report


There's hardly a need to work on table etiquette. She knows it all, even if she chooses not to employ it. She'd rather hold her spoon by the wrong end and pretend it's a sword. Then, suddenly, she changes and she's all manners, asking for a tea party. I tried to oblige her, but I have little to work with. No proper plates. Instead of a cloth napkin I've only the bar rag. Ale mugs, instead of teacups. I've asked for things befitting her, but they have their minds on other things. For now, Emily and I decided to make pretend dinner setting using paper, and little things she's found here and there – on the floor I suppose. Not right for a princess, but it'll have to do.


The audiograph can be found on the desk in Emily's Tower, during the mission The Royal Physician.

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