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The Dockyards seen from the bay.

The Campo Seta Dockyards, usually called the Dockyard Quarter, are located on the center portion of Karnaca, close to the Addermire Institute. They are home to a great many businesses, both legal and otherwise, and are populated by many civilians. The Dockyards are visited during Dishonored 2's second mission, Edge of the World, where Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin must cross them to reach the Addermire Institute.



The Dockyards themselves range from a short distance inland and end in the ocean itself. The area is home to a fish market processing both fish and whale meat, shipwrights and the like, as well as a black market shop and small-scale smugglers such as Ramos. The Fletcher and Daughter company, builders of the ISS Jessamine Kaldwin, is based on the waterfront, with their office on the second floor of a building facing the sea. Many civilians wander around the area, discussing issues such as the Grand Serkonan Guard, bloodflies and the Duke's taxes. Bloodflies have overtaken a number of buildings in the area (more on high chaos than on low), which has destroyed relationships in the neighborhood.[1]

Canal Plaza is separated from the rest of the district by a wall of light, installed by the Grand Guard and powered by a windmill. This is a point of contention between the area's inhabitants and the Grand Guard, leading to people such as Karl and a group of friends to look for a way to bypass it.

Canal Plaza


Canal Plaza.

Canal Plaza is home to the Karnaca enclave of the Abbey of the Everyman, a small market and Addermire Station, where a rail car links to the Addermire Institute. The enclave is a five-story building, containing, among other things offices, an interrogation room and a small chapel. An Overseer can be found preaching to passersby near the building's front door, bringing awareness to the teachings of the Abbey and forbidden possessions.

Just past the main plaza is a small market, frequented by both civilians and aristocrats. Musicians often set up in this area to earn some coin. Addermire Station lies just beyond the market, though it is closed to members of the public. Both a dentist and a Winslow Safe Company store are located in this area as well.


  • The Howlers have a limited presence in the Campo Seta Dockyards, with Mindy Blanchard regularly visiting.
  • Inhabitants of the Campo Seta Dockyards include Alistair and Philly Fletcher, Amadeo Monte, Cyrille, Alexandria Hypatia and Horatio Weatherby.
  • "Campo Seta" has different meanings in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish; Serkonos is based on these three countries' cultures among others.
    • Italian: "Silk Field"
    • Portuguese: "Arrow Field"
    • Spanish: "Mushroom Field"



  1. Note to Neighbors

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