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City Watch Officer Render

City Watch Officers or the Elite Guard are police and protectors of the Lord Regent, Hiram Burrows, and of other important aristocrats. They act as leaders to the rest of the City Watch, as well as functioning as detective inspectors. They are loyal, disciplined and courageous, never fleeing from battle except to raise the alarm

Officers are well trained and competent in swordsmanship and marksmanship. They prefer to fight at a distance, but can easily charge Corvo Attano and Daud and use their swords. They are capable of fast attacks that can easily hit an unwary opponent. Even a few Officers are enough to quickly take down an unprepared enemy--being shot by an Officer not only causes damage, but also interrupts attacks and blocking.


Officers wear ornate coats over waistcoats, with different colors to distinguish their division. Dark blue and red is the standard uniform; sky blue denotes those assigned to protect aristocrats and other important persons; red coats mark high-standing officials in the army, such as General Turnbull; and ocean-blue marks naval officers such as Admiral Farley Havelock

Though Officers wear no additional body armor outside their coats, they can take more damage than the lightly armored Guards. In addition to their coats, they wear helmets that protect them from most projectiles.


  • Officers are equipped with swords and pistols. When using their pistols, Officers will take a short pause to aim before they fire. Corvo can use this brief period of time to attack them and to disrupt their action. However, they may dodge Corvo's strikes, and after two dodges they will kick him away.
  • Officers show an understanding of tactics in battle, often going around an embattled opponent and attacking from behind.
  • Due to the helmets that protect their heads from all projectiles, a sleep dart to the body is the quickest and most reliable way of disabling them from a great distance.
  • Shots fired by Officers will hit other guards if they are in the way, causing them significant damage.


  • Known ranks for Officers are Lieutenants, Captains, Majors and Generals. It is unknown whether or not they have Colonels.
  • Many Officers do not have command over a unit of their own and are simply part of groups made up entirely of Officers.
  • The Heart reveals that Officers are often the sons of rich and powerful families. This brings the question of whether they actually obtain their ranks through merit, or simply purchase officer commissions from the government in a fashion similar to the historical British Army.
  • According to developer Harvey Smith, there are only a few female "notable officers" in the City Watch.[1]
    • Like their male counterparts, some of the female Watch Officers enjoy whiskey and cigars.[2]
  • Officers are much more civil than lower guards and their conversations are moderately polite, showing they are courteous to their fellows. They rarely converse with lower ranking men.
  • Despite their neutrality, guards in the Boyle party will kick Corvo away if they have seen him stealing, but will not take further action unless attacked.
  • An Officer may try and play a piano if there is one nearby.
  • Officers' helmets appear to be based on British police helmets (custodian helmets)[3] and spiked helmets from XIX century Prussia known as pickelhauben.[4]
  • Officers are known to leave their posts to urinate while on patrol, including off of Kingsparrow Lighthouse, though they do this less often than their lower-ranking counterparts.
  • In the mission Eminent Domain an Officer and a Lower Guard can be heard discussing how they plan to evict a family in the Legal District by going through the back door of their mansion.
  • City Watch Officers at the Timsh Estate wear gray waistcoats under blue, instead of the usual deep blue and red, and are marked as "Estate Officers" in the HUD.
  • Officers can occasionally be seen reading books.
  • Officers can be seen occasionally looking at paintings or other works of art, and will sometimes comment on them, often to themselves.



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