Concept art, "Old District, Edge of Karnaca".

Clemente Landing is the old quarter of Karnaca, located past the Dust District, on the far eastern side of the city. It was established by the first wave of settlers who modernized the city.


When the first wave of settlers from Morley, fleeing the Morley Famine of 1803, met the natives in Karnaca, they started clearing the eastern side of the Karnaca Bay shore and established a village. Clemente Landing was later integrated into the rest of the city when settlers from Gristol started a more structured urban program, tracing boulevards and digging the Grand Serkonan Canal. As such, the architecture in Clemente Landing contrasts with the rest of the now modernized Karnaca.[1] The district is set on a cliff below the Robledo Woodlands, and separated from the mining district by the Wind Corridor. As opposed to the rest of the city, the buildings there sprawl more organically, set among the lush vegetation and the cliffs.


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