Dunwall Clock Tower

The Clocktower in Dunwall.

The Clocktower is the tallest structure in Dunwall save for Dunwall Tower itself.[1] It is situated on the eastern edge of the Estate District,[2] and stands out significantly among the city's many old and crumbling buildings. It has a large metal lattice-style of architecture, which likely holds in the Clocktower's mechanisms, and it can be seen from almost anywhere in Dunwall due to its elevated position. The clock chimes every hour.[1]


  • The Clocktower is based on London's Elizabeth Tower, often referred to as Big Ben.[citation needed]
  • During Corvo Attano's time in the Estate District, the clocktower rings four times at regular intervals.
  • The Clocktower's bell sound is identical to the bell sound in Team Fortress 2 used for Halloween maps.
  • The Clocktower can be fully seen in the Void during the introduction of The Knife of Dunwall, None Like Her.
  • Despite its iconic appearance, the Clocktower is never directly visited, though it was originally intended to be part of a Parliament mission that was cut from the final game.[3]
  • On the 8th Day, Month of Darkness, 1851, roughly after the second hour in the morning,[1] Empress Emily Kaldwin climbed the Clocktower for the view it gave her of the surrounding city.[2]



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