The Clockwork Mansion.

"In part, I made this place for luxury and spectacle, I suppose, but it's more than that. This place is a testament to engineering itself."
—Kirin Jindosh, about the Clockwork Mansion

The Clockwork Mansion is the mechanically enhanced residence of Kirin Jindosh, located in the Upper Aventa District in Karnaca. The mansion is isolated atop a relatively high mountain and mostly surrounded by lush jungle, overlooking the city below. As the home of Serkonos' Grand Inventor, the Clockwork Mansion is heavily fortified and secure, possessing few access routes to its environs, and only one way in to the mansion itself, the front door. It is patrolled by Jindosh's Clockwork Soldiers as well as members of the Grand Guard.

During the events of Dishonored 2, in the similarly named mission, either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano must infiltrate the compound to free Anton Sokolov, who is held captive in the mansion's Assessment Chamber, and to eliminate Jindosh.


Jindosh's Laboratory

Jindosh's laboratory is split over three circular levels: the lower level, where inactive platforms are stored, the middle level, where the active platforms are powered, and the immobile upper level, where Jindosh's main desk is located. The platforms on the lower two levels move up and down via a cylindrical device, and each platform comprises three sections. The six platforms are Anatomy, Optics, Chemistry, Weaponry, Electroshock and Woodcraft. Each platform requires a different amount of power to operate. During the time the protagonist is there, these requirements range from seven (Electroshock) to one (Anatomy), with eleven power units available. The Electroshock platform does not move from its location in the middle level.


  • Jindosh is very protective of his laboratory, with the protagonist being only the second person to ever set foot in there.
  • The domed laboratory in the mansion was originally an observatory.[1]
  • The mansion's central atrium contains one of the three arc pylons encountered in Dishonored 2, the other two being in Duke Luca Abele's Grand Palace.



  1. Narrative hint for the mission The Clockwork Mansion: ""Grand Inventor Kirin Jindosh has a domed laboratory within his elaborate home that was once an observatory."

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