The lock with the code.

Code to Stilton's House is a written note found in Dishonored 2.


This is from our friend the Duke. You'll need it when you take food into Stilton's house. Leave the supplies and make sure the old man has water.

And remember, no one else sees this combination. No one.
Lady Winslow - [heirloom]
Baroness Finch - [heirloom]
Doctor Marcolla - [heirloom]
Countess Contee - [heirloom]
Madam Natsiou - [heirloom]


This note can be found in Durante's room at the Crone's Hand Saloon during the mission Dust District.


  • Each time, the heirloom each character owns is randomly selected from the following list:
    • Snuff Tin, War Medal, Bird Pendant, Ring, Diamond.

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