A Dead Eels post on the roof of a building in Drapers Ward.

Complaints From a Dead Eel Guard is a written note found in The Brigmore Witches.


This post is awful. I almost broke my neck getting up here, and all day the Hatters keep taking shots at me like I'm some kind of carnival game. This morning I saw some lady up on the glass roof across the canal, and it kind of has me worried. I think she looked right at me. How'd she get up there? Are the Hatters recruiting ladies now? Anyway, since she's been up there, I can barely make out this thing she left behind. Can't tell what it is from here, but come nightfall I might just climb up there and have a look. Gotta be wary of that arc pylon they set up down there. If they have that kind of gear we're just outmatched. I wish Lizzy was back. She'd get us out of this.


It can be found in Drapers Ward at a post on top of a building near the canal.

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