Cullero location

Cullero depicted on a map.

Cullero is a city located in eastern Serkonos.

The city receives the bulk of the visitors to Serkonos[1] and is a popular holiday location, as it has an abundance of sun in the warmer months.[2] It is best known for its quality cigars. Cullero Cigars, a popular brand of cigars sold in Dunwall, originate here. Cullero also produces grapes.[3]


  • Martha Cottings grew up in a small town outside Cullero.[4]
  • According to two Hatters, the black market is lucrative in Cullero.
  • Cullero bears a great resemblance to the real-life Spanish city Cullera.
  • There is an old Serkonan legend about the cliffs being haunted by what appears to be two ghost giants.
  • Edithia Abele, a member of House Abele, is mentioned as being a steward of Cullero, and is said to have "swept the marshes of raiders, sacrificing her life for Serkonos".[5]
  • Near Cullero, there is a place called Cullero Gap. A map found in Stilton Manor shows the tides of this place.



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