Death to the Empress is the final mission in Dishonored 2, in which Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano must enter Dunwall Tower and eliminate Delilah Copperspoon.


Pre-mission, Dreadful Wale

Meet with Meagan Foster and Anton Sokolov to discuss your return to Dunwall.


You must confront Delilah Copperspoon before she changes all the world with her will. Enter Dunwall Tower and find a way to reunite Delilah Copperspoon's spirit with her body to make her mortal again. Only then can you eliminate her and take back the throne.


On the Dreadful Wale, the protagonist intends to commandeer the skiff alone in order to reach Dunwall's streets. Before doing so, they may talk to Anton Sokolov and Meagan Foster. Sokolov is found painting a portrait of the protagonist, while Meagan is on the deck.

Should the protagonist speak with Sokolov, they will discuss Delilah's past and her personality. Sokolov tells them that Delilah "had a talent for imagining the world as a better place".

The protagonist may speak with Foster. The nature of their conversation will change depending on the chaos level:

  • On low chaos, Foster reveals her true name, Billie Lurk, respecting Emily or Corvo enough to tell them her past. She admits to working as an assassin, lead by Daud, and she admits to playing a part in the assassination of Jessamine Kaldwin. Emily or Corvo can respond sympathetically, or they may condemn Billie.
  • On high chaos, Foster does not tell the protagonist about her past. Instead, she advises the protagonist not to hesitate when eliminating Delilah.

Special Actions

  • Captain's Quarters - Search Meagan Foster's cabin aboard the Dreadful Wale.
  • World As It Should Be - Trapped Delilah forever within her own painting, ruling over an imagined world.
  • Avenging Jessamine - Take revenge on Billie Lurk for her part in Jessamine's assassination.
  • Heart of the Tower - Reached the Royal Protector's chambers within Dunwall Tower.
  • Saving Your Father - Rescue Corvo Attano.
  • Your Father Is Safe - Take back the throne as Emily, leaving Corvo as a statue.
  • Saving Your Daughter - Rescue Emily Kaldwin, breaking Delilah's magic.
  • Your Daughter Is Safe - Take the throne as Corvo Attano, leaving Emily as a statue.
  • Black Market Heist - Slipped into the black market shop from below, coming up through the Boyle Industries warehouse.
  • In the Coven's Wake - Addressed the survivors near Dunwall Tower over the street speaker system.


  • If Corvo or Emily addresses Dunwall through the loudspeaker after defeating Delilah they start singing "What will we do with the drunken whaler?".
  • When the protagonist is walking onto the main street a witch up by the broadcast station for the loudspeaker atop Dunwall Tower will start singing. She can be found dead next to the mic later on.
  • If the protagonist pickpockets Meagan or looted her dead body after killing her, they will get the Meagan Foster's Cabin Key. Inside, they can find an audiograph that reuses Daud's outro monologue of the low chaos ending in Dishonored DLC The Brigmore Witches and two bonecharms. It will also triggers the special action Captain's Quarters.



  1. Simon to the protagonist: "It's been almost two months, hasn't it?"

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