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Devouring Swarm is a supernatural ability in Dishonored. It allows Corvo to summon forth a swarm of ravenous rats, that will then attack any characters in the immediate area. Devouring Swarm consumes 40% of Corvo's total mana.

Ability tiers

Tier I - (3 runes)

With Tier I Devouring Swarm, Corvo can summon a swarm of rats which attacks and eats foes.

Tier II - (4 runes)

With Tier II Devouring Swarm, the swarm's attacks do more damage, and it eats foes faster. It also summons more rats.

Usage tips

  • Rats summoned by Corvo will not attack him.
  • Devouring Swarm can be used to dispose of groups of enemies or corpses without Corvo having to reveal his presence.
  • Devouring Swarm is particularly effective at distracting enemies in the middle of combat, permitting Corvo to kill or escape without much difficulty.
    • Similarly, it can be used to lure multiple enemies to one spot via summoning a swarm on a enemy near a large group. This can then be followed up by a Grenade toss, which, if timed right, can easily take out a large number of enemies simultaneously.
  • Like naturally occurring rats, the summoned rats will not attack weepers.
  • Like regular rats, summoned rats can be possessed by Corvo.
    • All strategies and tips regarding regular rat possession apply here.
  • When Granny Rags uses Devouring Swarm, unlike Corvo, she seems to have a degree of control over the rats—they will not attack her, and she will thank Corvo for summoning more of her "little pretties" if he uses the ability against her.
  • If Corvo has the Gutter Feast or Carrion Killer bone charms equipped, killing a summoned swarm is a good tactic for harvesting mana or adrenaline, respectively.
    • The Albinos bone charm can make the mana side of this strategy more efficient.
  • Corvo cannot summon two rat swarms simultaneously. Attempting to summon a second swarm of rats will remove the first.


Devouring Swarm audio

Devouring Swarm sound effect.


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