"– You're up for one last job, Billie?
– Who's the mark?
– The black-eyed bastard responsible for all the chaos.
– We're going to kill the Outsider."
—Daud and Billie Lurk

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is a standalone expansion pack and a sequel to Dishonored 2, set to be released on September 15, 2017. It will star Billie Lurk as protagonist in a plot to end the Outsider.[1]


Set a couple of months after the end of Dishonored 2, Billie Lurk returns to Karnaca to reunite with her mentor, the legendary assassin Daud. Together, they will explore the dark underbelly of the city to recover artifacts in order to kill the source of chaos within the Empire, the Outsider himself. The story will delve more on the Outsider's past and the reason behind his existence.

Billie will have new powers and abilities at her disposal to infiltrate underground fight clubs and plan a bank heist, square off against the Sisters of the Oracular Order, new Clockwork Soldiers, the immortal Envisioned and the Outsider-obsessed Eyeless gang. In addition, the game will feature the Original Game Plus mode to replay it with some of the abilities from Dishonored 2.[1]

Another new feature to the game is the addition of Contracts during missions, which Billie can accept to find and eliminate optional targets.[2]


  • The working title for Death of the Outsider was "Blackheart", as seen in the name of the game's end-user license agreement (EULA) on Steam.[2] This title resonates with that of Dishonored 2, "Black Sparrow".
    • Since June 21, the EULA's name was changed to "Dishonored: Death of the Outsider EULA 1".[3]
  • The new Clockwork Soldier featured in pictures from the game is very reminiscent to the Clockwork Soldiers from the 2015 E3 trailer.




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