Dishonored: The Return of Daud is an upcoming novel by Adam Christopher and the second of a trilogy, set during Delilah Copperspoon's coup in Dunwall in Dishonored 2.[1] The novel is set to be released on March 27, 2018,[2] and will feature Daud.[3]


Daud - traitor and assassin - has returned to Dunwall, a city shaken by the overthrow of Empress Emily Kaldwin. He is seeking a mythical weapon, said to have the power to kill the Outsider, and will go to any lengths to find it. But there are those who are watching his every move. Travelling the Isles to complete his mission, Daud will soon discover that old enemies have been waiting for him, and new enemies are easy to make...


  • The release date of the novel has been changed several times. Originally, it was to be released on June 27.[4] That was delayed to July 25, August 29, then March 27, 2018. The synopsis was changed since the book's initial announcement.
    • The book's original synopsis was: "In the last days of his life, a killer returns to undertake the greatest assassination ever conceived, seeking meaning in his existence and struggling to find peace before he dies. Written in close collaboration with the development team at Arkane Studios, this official sequel to the award-winning video game Dishonored 2 picks up the adventure where the game left off."[5]
  • The book's cover reuses the main illustration for The Knife of Dunwall.


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