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Dishonored 2


Raphael Colantonio


Daniel Licht
Copilot Music + Sound

No. of tracks 16
Media Type OST

This page displays the official soundtrack of Dishonored 2, composed by Daniel Licht and Copilot Music + Sound and arranged by Raphael Colantonio. The soundtrack was released on Amazon on October 10, 2016.

Track List

  1. Dishonored 2 Main Theme (2:36)
  2. Aristocrats of Karnaca (Ambient) (1:06)
  3. Aristocrats of Karnaca (Suspense) (2:46)
  4. The Dreadful Wale (1:08)
  5. Emily Kaldwin's Theme (1:12)
  6. Streets of Karnaca (Ambient) (2:31)
  7. Streets of Karnaca (Suspense) (2:33)
  8. Streets of Karnaca (Combat) (0:43)
  9. Corvo Attano's Theme (1:42)
  10. The Royal Conservatory (2:00)
  11. The Grand Palace (2:35)
  12. Delilah's Theme (1:40)
  13. Delilah Fights (Combat) (1:15)
  14. Void Theme (3:37)
  15. Brigmore Lullaby (Credits Remix) (4:05)
  16. Gold Dust Woman (4:11)
  17. Sweet Sands of Serkonos (Credits Song) (2:48)


  • The Gold Dust Woman cover as well as the four songs played in-game by the musical duo (unreleased on this album) were performed by COPILOT, who also made "The Drunken Whaler" for Dishonored.


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