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Daniel Licht, Jon Licht,
Voodoo Highway,
Copilot Strategic Sound

No. of tracks 13
Media Type    OST

This page displays the official soundtrack of Dishonored, composed by Daniel Licht, Jon Licht, Voodoo Highway, and Copilot Strategic Sound. The songs are available at iTunes .

Track List

  1. Main Theme (2:08)
  2. Intro The Return (1:10)
  3. Empress Death (1:05)
  4. Ambients (2:10)
  5. Wrenhaven River (2:39)
  6. Streets Exploration (3:03)
  7. Aristocracy Exploration (2:31)
  8. The Drunken Whaler (3:03)
  9. Flooded Suspense (3:05)
  10. Regent Exploration (1:45)
  11. Regent Suspense (1:33)
  12. Honor for All (End Credits) (4:34)
  13. The Drunken Whaler (Full Version) (4:06)


  • The track Jungle Fight, which compiles the music played during various fights and chases, is not present on the official score. It can be listened to on the Soundcloud account of the composer, Daniel Licht.[1]


  1. Jungle Fight on Daniel Licht's Soundcloud account.

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