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Doctor Galvani's laboratory.

"I have no time for fools. I will be solving the riddle of this plague."
—Doctor Galvani[1]

Doctor Galvani is an unseen character in Dishonored and Dishonored 2. A supporter of Empress Emily Kaldwin since her mother's time,[2] Galvani is interested in animal biology and studying the rat plague.


Not much is known about Galvani in his early years, but he was born in Serkonos,[3] and later on he spent some time at the Academy of Natural Philosophy, though in what capacity is not clear. While there, he met Anton Sokolov on the 28th Day of the Month of High Cold, a day that became the most important of his life.[1] Galvani remained in contact with his friend Artemis Moore, the Academy's Procurement Clerk and Provisioner, until at least 1837. Due to his position, Moore could occasionally send Galvani various pieces of equipment that he needed to continue his studies.[4]

By 1830,[5] Galvani had moved to Dunwall, residing in a posh house on John Clavering Boulevard, guarded by the City Watch. He has garnered a good reputation among his servants[6] and maintains a functional laboratory in his home, which contains experimental subjects and materials. Here he researches the rat plague, and has managed to correctly deduce that the rats arrived no earlier than 1830, and were probably introduced intentionally. He is also performing experiments to ascertain whether they are smarter than ordinary rats,[7] as well as studying their feeding habits.[8] He also performed research on individuals infected with the plague, commonly called weepers. Copies of his notes on the proper handling of plague victims were distributed around the city.[9]


As part of his research, Galvani is a vivisectionist, cutting up rats to help find a cure to the plague. He is aware such behavior is illegal, and so performs these operations in a secret room behind his bookshelf.[4] It is for this reason that Granny Rags directs Corvo Attano to the Galvani Residence in search of a plague rat viscera to contaminate the Bottle Street Gang's elixir still.

During the missions High Overseer Campbell and House of Pleasure, Galvani is out of Dunwall[6] and so never encounters Corvo, who enters his house on two occasions. The first time is for Granny Rags, while the second is to find Crowley, Slackjaw's right-hand man. Galvani has returned by the last day of the Month of High Cold,[1] finding that his home had been robbed.[5] He had been invited to a party by Lady Boyle, but declined, not wishing to spend his time with "fools", preferring instead to keep studying the plague.[1]

Dishonored 2

By 1852, Galvani, annoyed with the multiple robberies he had been forced to endure at his old house, has moved to the Tower District, very close to Dunwall Tower itself, and views himself as safe from further break-ins. While there, he has seen the Empress pass by in a coach, as well as the Royal Protector observing events from the rooftops. He is irritated by the small apartment, but the security makes up for that.[5]

Corvo or Emily can enter his new apartment during the mission A Long Day in Dunwall and rob him yet again. Should they chose to do so, Galvani will declare that Dunwall is cursed and permanently move to Tyvia. He will leave his journal behind, sarcastically inviting the protagonist to "roll [...] up in my carpets and lick the dust from the furniture".[2] If the protagonist chooses not to rob Galvani, he will have moved to Tyvia by the time they return, as he does not approve of the changes in Dunwall under the new Empress Delilah Kaldwin.[10]


  • Galvani bears the same surname as a real-life famous Italian doctor
  • Galvani's name appears on two sets of blueprints.
  • The achievement Familiarity Breeds Contempt is gained by robbing Galvani's flat during the missions A Long Day in Dunwall and Death to the Empress.
  • Slackjaw suspected that Galvani might be responsible for the attacks on the Bottle Street Gang. Other evidence points towards Granny Rags instead, especially given that Galvani was not in Dunwall when Crowley was killed.[6]
    • Slackjaw also seems to strongly dislike Galvani, at one point likening him to a leech.



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