The Dreadful Wale.

The Dreadful Wale is a ship featured in Dishonored 2. Captained by Meagan Foster, it serves as the game's hub in which Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin spend time between missions.

The Dreadful Wale is first seen as Emily or Corvo flee Dunwall during the mission A Long Day in Dunwall. A rather run-down ship, Meagan often has a list of jobs to perform to keep it together.


The interior of the ship is split up into a number of rooms:

  • Meagan's quarters
  • Anton Sokolov's quarters
  • Guest quarters
  • Storage room / extra guest quarters
  • Lavatory
  • Galley
  • Engine room
  • Bridge
  • Mess hall / cargo hold
  • Small cargo hold

All these rooms are connected by a series of corridors and stairways. The engine room is located deep within the hull, the bridge is at the top of the ship, and all the other rooms are just below the deck. As the Dreadful Wale is not a smuggling ship, it has no hatch for dumping cargo underneath it. However, it does have curved sides and ladder-like indents just above the waterline, providing easy access for those in the ocean. The combined mess hall/cargo hold also acts as a briefing room between missions, with a situation wall for the protagonist to study, as well as Sokolov's art studio.

Outside, the ship consists of a large deck area, with a door in the floor doubling as the mess hall's roof. This door is seldom opened as the Dreadful Wale rarely takes on large cargo. A small hatch near the bow of the ship opens into Sokolov's quarters, and it is through this door that the Crown Killer abducted Sokolov before the events of Dishonored 2. To starboard, near the stern of the ship, is the small skiff that is used to transport Corvo or Emily to their various missions. While Meagan pilots the skiff most of the time, Sokolov, Emily and Corvo also have the necessary skills.


Encountered occupants of the ship include Meagan Foster, Anton Sokolov, and either Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin. Depending upon the protagonist's actions during The Good Doctor, Alexandria Hypatia is another possible occupant, with Meagan cleaning out the storage room for her to stay in. She leaves later in the game. If Aramis Stilton was saved in the mission A Crack in the Slab, he will be assisting with the protagonist's briefing before the mission The Grand Palace. Before Dishonored 2, the most recent occupant was a Serkonan musician who took passage to Morley. He had no money to pay his fare, and it is not known what happened to him when the ship arrived there.[1] A few rats also live on the ship, and Sokolov kept some bloodflies aboard to study.


  • The name "Dreadful Wale" is an anagram of "Farewell Daud".[2]
  • Both the Outsider and Delilah Copperspoon create a copy of the Dreadful Wale's guest quarters in the Void.
  • While the speed of the Dreadful Wale is not known, it takes the ship two weeks to travel from Dunwall to Karnaca.
  • The protagonist's quarters is home to the souvenirs wall, keeping track of where they have visited by holding certain items from each mission e.g. Samuel Beechworth's model boat carved for Emily, lootable in A Long Day in Dunwall.
  • Meagan and Sokolov have unique comments if one uses supernatural abilities in front of them while on the ship.



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