Dreadful wale concept01

The Dreadful Wale.

Dreadful Wale Accounting is a book found in Dishonored 2.


6th, Songs
Out: 32 coins
Docking and Late Fee
M. Tallenger

8th, Songs
Out: 25 coins
Ferrying Cargo (night)
Piccolo and Tate

8th, Songs
Out: 50 coins
Krust Removal on Hull

9th, Songs
Out: 20 coins
New Sextant
Carrbury Est.

10th, Songs
Out: 5 coins
Gave out coins

10th, Songs
Out: 25 coins
Chicken, Potatoes, Oil

12th, Songs
Out: 10 coins
Anton's Seasick Pills
Apothecary on Swain

13th, Songs
Out: 25 coins
Matches, Length of rope
Traders Co.

16th, Songs
Out: 40 coins
Night Ferry of Cargo
Piccolo and Tate

17th, Songs
In: 6 coins
Sold Rockfish
Fishmonger Raul

19th, Songs
Out: 12 coins
Barrels of Oil, Slime Removal

21st, Songs
Out: 20 coins
Mutton, Carrots, Potatoes


This book can be found on the bridge of the Dreadful Wale at the beginning of the mission Edge of the World, and on the crates under the stairs in the room at deck level before the mission The Clockwork Mansion.

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