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The Dunwall Whiskey Distillery.

The Dunwall Whiskey Distillery was the headquarters of Dunwall Whiskey prior to the events of Dishonored, a major company within Dunwall which produced whiskey and other alcoholic beverages.

After winning a bitter war with the Hatters Gang, Slackjaw and the Bottle Street Gang now run the distillery, where they brew a bootleg version of Sokolov's Elixir made from sugar water, beechgum paste, and full-strength elixir. The concoction is then sold at a large mark-down, making it affordable for those who cannot purchase the genuine brand. A report to Anton Sokolov also claims that some members of the City Watch purchase the bootleg elixir to supplement their dwindling rations. It is noted that Slackjaw's bootleg elixir has a slightly different render than the normal elixir, but otherwise behaves in the same fashion and is not harmful.

Corvo Attano can obtain a few samples of the bootleg elixir from the vat in Slackjaw's office, provided he has an empty vial and has not poisoned the still. Four to five empty vials can be found in the same area. When used, the bootleg elixir is equally as effective at restoring health as the normal brand.


  • If Corvo climbs onto one of the rooftops in the distillery yard, he can see the dome of the Golden Cat.


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