Emily and the Pendleton twins.

Emily Tells a Tale is an audiograph found in Dishonored, recorded by Emily Kaldwin.
Emily Tells a Tale


This is the story of the fancy dressed lady and the naked man. Once upon a time there was a fancy dress lady. And she came to the Madame and said that the naked man wanted something. And she was mad about it. And then the naked man came in and he said it was just what he always gets. And the Madame said if that’s what he wants it’ll be ten coin each time. And that it was Beatrice he’d be wanting to visit. And the fancy dressed lady said “see?!” And then she left. And then the naked man said Beatrice would do. And the Madame said, “ten coin, Custis”. And then the naked man said “Lord Pendleton!” The End.


The audiograph can be found in Emily's Tower following her rescue from the Golden Cat in the House of Pleasure mission.

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