Timsh and Burrows.

Eminent Domain is a book found in The Knife of Dunwall.


[Excerpt from a pamphlet on new government sanctioned practices - by Barrister Arnold Timsh]

It is an unfortunate reality that the plague has spread, unchecked, across the city of Dunwall. Of those who are afflicted, very few survive. Many times, when the plague strikes a family, it leaves none in its wake, ending husband, wife, child and elder alike. When this occurs, the homes and businesses of the deceased are left abandoned, a breeding ground for rats, or for illicit trade such as gambling, prostitution or gang activity. The City of Dunwall, with the full blessing of the Lord Regent himself, had no choice but to institute its current policy of seizure. Any property owned by those unlucky citizens brought down by the plague immediately becomes property of the state. The officers of the City Watch, led by the dead counters, ensure that these laws are enforced fairly and without corruption.


It can be found in the Legal District on the third floor of Timsh's estate in the hallway.

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