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Explosive Bullets

Explosive bullets are a special type of ammunition designed for Corvo Attano's pistol, made available for purchase from Piero Joplin by finding their blueprints.

Similar to regular bullets, explosive bullets are propelled via the controlled detonation of a miniature reservoir of whale oil in the base of the round, launching the head towards the target.

Utilizing a chemical process that can be used to stagger combustibility rates, these bullets are engineered to keep the first explosion from triggering the larger reservoir, allowing it to impact with the target and cause extreme damage. These bullets are the most powerful type of ammunition available to Corvo, capable of killing a tallboy in a single, well-placed shot.

One drawback of the explosive bullets is that the maximum clip size is 1, despite any upgrades. Also, due to it being categorized as special ammunition, Corvo can only carry 10 at a time. These rounds can only be used if the Corvo's Pistol upgrade is acquired.

The only way to acquire explosive bullets is by purchasing them directly from Piero, except for one case of explosive bullets that can be found in The Light at the End.


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