Dishonored Piero Corvo Mask

Piero, working in his workshop.

Failed Experiments is a book found in Dishonored.


[Excerpt from a series of lectures on natural philosophy - By Piero Joplin]

Of course I have attempted to improve upon Sokolov's designs. Of course! And why not? After all, it is likely that his thinking was influenced in some small way by our time together at the Academy. We are all part of a community, striving to unknot the mysteries of the Cosmos. Even those among us who possess the greatest minds are often led to a fruitful line of consideration by, how does one say it, our intellectual subordinates. Sokolov is no exception to this, despite the glamor of genius he has cast over the aristocracy.

And further it is true that many of my experiments have failed. No need to gossip about it behind my back in your social clubs and in the very chambers of the Academy itself. Great ambition requires risks. You may laugh now at my Door to Nowhere, but someday you will not. Your children will likely see it as commonly as you see the electric lamps lighting our streets at night. But a few short years ago, you would have laughed at Sokolov's Arc Pylon or Wall of Light. Your laughter, your condescending smiles, they are nothing but evidence of you own limited imagination!


A copy can be found in a chair beside Piero's bed, on the second floor of his workshop. Another copy can be found in the library next to the Lord Regent's bedroom on the second floor of Dunwall Tower during the mission Return to the Tower.

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