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Fish are a group of aquatic animals that live in the waters of Dunwall.

Hagfish are predatory fish known to dwell in the Wrenhaven River. Hagfish will bite Corvo Attano and Daud if they swim too close to them. Additionally, any unconscious or dead bodies thrown into waters containing hagfish will be eaten. They are most useful to Corvo because of their ability to be possessed.

Some establishments, such as the Golden Cat, keep ornamental fish. Fish are also a food source for the people of Dunwall, as tins of jellied eels and hagfish can be found and consumed. There are also some extremely large but unnamed fish being served to the guests at Lady Boyle's Last Party. They bear a resemblance to sturgeons and nurse sharks.

Redshark can be found in the bay and canals of Karnaca. While carnivorous, they only prey on corpses and don't attack living things. They are comestible and one of the products of Santiago Fisheries.


  • The Dishonored hagfish share a name with a real-world animal, but the two have virtually no physiological traits in common, with the in-game hagfish closely resembling the snakehead fish instead.
  • Like rats, singular hagfish are not particularly dangerous, but they can tear through Corvo and Daud's health quickly in large numbers. The assassins' inability to fight back while in water means that hagfish can be a serious annoyance when trying to access waterlocked areas, such as the rune in the Hound Pits Pub. Even a single hagfish can force Corvo or Daud to use an elixir if they have to swim to a distant area.
    • Because Blink is still functional underwater, it is a useful means of escaping schools of hagfish.
  • Unlike rats, individual hagfish will attack Corvo and Daud on sight.
  • After Corvo possesses a hagfish it will die.
  • Alerted City Watch Guards and Watch Lower Guards will call out to Corvo and Daud, calling them a hagfish.
  • In The Brigmore Witches, after Daud uses Pull on a hagfish it will die. 
  • Living hagfish will not consume dead hagfish floating nearby.
  • Usually Bluejawed Hagfish Eggs can be found in areas sporting the creatures, giving Corvo a source to replenish his health.
  • The "largest and tastiest hagfish" are rumored to be found in the waters near the Rothwild Slaughterhouse.[1]
  • In Karnaca, fisherman are seen gutting a set of plate headed fish from meat hooks. They bear a passive resemblance to real life Placodermi, an extinct genus of primitive, armored fish with Dunkleosteus as its most famous member.



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