Abigail Ames in the Interrogation Chair.

From Abigail Ames is a written note found in The Brigmore Witches.


Mr Daud,

When last we met I clearly did not impress upon you enough how connected and capable I can be. We had an opportunity to work together, but you saw fit to put me in that horrible chair and torment me instead. By the time you reach the end of this note the "gift" I left for you will explode, but I wanted you to know that it was me who had beaten you. Farewell Serkonan.

-Abigail Ames


It can be found on the rooftops of Drapers Ward if the following conditions have been met: if Abigail Ames was interrogated in the Rothwild Slaughterhouse and left alive, and if Daud purchased the 'A Gift From Abigail Ames' favor.

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