Grand Guard Returns to Dust District is a Karnaca Gazette article found in Dishonored 2.


For the first time in several years, the Grand Serkonan Guard have resumed full policing operations in the Batista District, now commonly referred to as the Dust District. Though never officially confirmed, the Grand Guard had abandoned the district while a conflict played out between the Howler gang and the local Overseer presence. The two rivals wrought such violence and discord that Grand Guard leadership felt it more prudent to enact a policy of containment.

Now it appears the skirmishes between the two parties have ended with no clear victor, allowing the Grand Guard to resume their patrols. While the situation within the district is still murky, it seems that Paolo’s Howlers have been left scattered and weakened, without a leader, while Vice Overseer Liam Byrne has gone missing, according to the Abbey.


  • This newspaper article can be found on crates near the Wall of Light at the end of the Palace District during the mission The Grand Palace. It will only appear if both Paolo and Vice Overseer Byrne have previously been neutralized or killed during the mission Dust District.

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