Greaves refinery01

Greaves Refinery.

The Greaves Refinery is a factory in the Flooded District where whale blubber from the Greaves Whale House was refined into Greaves Lightning Oil, Ebenezer Greaves's whale oil brand. It was abandoned along with the rest of the Rudshore Financial District when the river barrier broke, flooding most of the area.

The refinery itself is not flooded for the most part, but river krusts have made their homes in the parts that are inundated. The factory still holds a large amount of oil along with whale oil tanks, but those who tried to steal oil from the factory became victims of the river krusts and rats that swarm the area.[1] The oil still leaks from pipes left unmaintained after the factory closed. Weepers can be found roaming both inside and outside of the refinery.

A stair control allows Corvo Attano access to the refinery; within is a drawbridge and chains hanging from the ceiling, connecting to the refinery floor, which is infested with weepers. It is here that Corvo's equipment is hidden by Daud.




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