The grenade is one of many offensive gadgets available in Dishonored and its DLCs, Dishonored 2 and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Comprising of a metal shell packed with a thick tar made from whale oil, they are standard issue for Overseers. They can be "cooked" to shorten the fuse (an action that can be cancelled), and the packs carried by Corvo Attano and Daud can be upgraded to carry a greater amount.

They are extremely useful against tough enemies, such as tallboys or large groups of City Watchmen. They are also one of the few offensive items effective against river krusts.

Grenades can be used along with supernatural abilities such as Bend Time and Windblast, allowing Corvo to deflect grenades thrown by enemies and to increase throwing distance, enabling long-range kills.

Activated grenades thrown at the protagonist by enemies can be picked up and thrown back. Killing an opponent in this fashion in Dishonored will unlock the Back Home achievement.



Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Grenade Capacity 450 Coins N/A Increases Grenade storage capacity by 4 (9 total).

Dishonored 2

Upgrade Name Cost Requirement Effect
Impact Grenades 400 Coins N/A Impact grenades explode on contact with living targets.
The Expansive Lady 700 Coins Impact Grenades, Counter-Blast Inversion Blueprint (Masterwork) Grenade blast radius is expanded.
Discreet Inquiry 700 Coins Impact Grenades, Counter-Blast Inversion Blueprint (Masterwork) Grenade noise is reduced.

Related Bone Charms


  • Clockwork Malfunction - Enemy grenades take slightly more time to explode.
  • Blast Resistant - Damage from explosions reduced slightly.

Dishonored 2

  • Combustion - Your grenades inflict slightly more damage.
  • Unnerving Target - Enemies sometimes drop grenades and thrown debris at their feet.
  • Unfortunate Craftsmanship - Enemy grenades sometimes malfunction.
  • Tricky Timing - Enemy grenades take slightly longer to explode.
  • High Pressure - Grenades inflict more damage, but have a smaller blast radius.