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Griff Render

Griff is a survivor featured in Dishonored. He runs his own business, called Griff's Curio Shop, on Bloodox Way in the Distillery District and can be encountered only during the missions High Overseer Campbell and House of Pleasure.


Before meeting Corvo Attano, Griff was imprisoned for five years for an unknown crime. After serving his sentence, he changed his name to "Griff".[1] He is not an honest man, but compared to some other figures in Dunwall, he is not nearly as bad.[2] He spends his time scavenging for supplies, which he sells at his shop to make a living, and is in correspondence with at least one other black market merchant--Jerome, in Drapers Ward.[3]


Griff is first encountered during the mission High Overseer Campbell, in which he is barricaded in the fishmonger shop by two thugs from the Bottle Street Gang, seeking to extort coin from him.

If Corvo dispatches the two thugs and destroys the barricade, Griff will sell the assassin supplies and upgrades through his shop, two of which are blueprints. Griff can be encountered doing the same in House of Pleasure.


  • Griff knows that the Masked Assassin is Corvo, but pretends that he does not; how or when he obtained this knowledge is never explained.[4]
  • If Griff is not saved from the thugs, he can later be encountered as a weeper with a note nearby containing his last words.
  • Griff has a limited selection of items, and his prices are significantly higher than those of Piero Joplin.
  • It is possible to loot Griff in stealth mode.
  • It is possible to actually hit Griff with a sword without him turning hostile or fleeing, although he will admonish Corvo for doing so.
  • Griff's character model returns as the Golden Merchant in the Dunwall City Trials challenge Back Alley Brawl.



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